XM Loyalty Program

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XM Loyalty Program

With so many rewards and incentives already, you might think that XM could not be any more generous, but you would be wrong. In addition to all other bonuses and rewards, a few times a year XM will offer special seasonal bonuses marking certain calendar events and occasions that will be available for very limited periods of time. In addition to this we will also offer highly exclusive bonuses that will be made available on an invitation only basis.

Trading on an XM real account gives you the ability to earn credit bonuses when converting XM Points that are awarded on every lot you trade. Additionally, we also offer you seasonal trading bonuses that will be available for very limited periods of time, and highly exclusive trading bonuses that are available on an invitation-only basis.

Earn Infinite Loyalty Rewards

Trade and earn XM Points that can be redeemed for credit bonus rewards. There are no forms to fill and nowhere you need to sign up to join, as soon as you start trading, you start earning.

What are XM Points?

The XM Loyalty Program offers you the ability to earn XM Points (XMP) as you trade, with the ratio of XMP per trade increasing with each Loyalty level upgrade. There are four Loyalty levels in total: Executive, Gold, Diamond, and Elite.

How do I gain XM Points?

XM Points are earned on every single standard round turn lot traded. The amount of XMP earned per trade depends on your loyalty status, starting with 10XMP/lot for Executive level clients and reaching double at 20XMP/lot for Elite level clients.

Loyalty Statuses

All Real Account clients start at Executive level and are upgraded automatically after periods of trading activity. With each loyalty status upgrade, the amount of XMP (XM Points) you earn per lot traded increases proportionately. This allows you to earn XMP at a faster rate. The more XMP you have, the more you are able to redeem for credit bonus rewards.

XM Loyalty Statuses

All clients start at Executive level with the possibility to be upgraded periodically to a higher level with each upgrade bringing its own benefits. After 30 days of active trading, you will get your first loyalty status upgrade to Gold, enabling you to earn XMP at a higher ratio of 13XMP per lot. After a total of 60 days you will be upgraded again to Diamond level on a ratio of 16XMP per lot. Elite status is only achieved after a total of 100 days of trading, giving you a ratio of 20XMP per lot, double that of the original Executive level.

XM Loyalty Statuses


As you trade, you will earn XMP which can be redeemed at any time for credit bonus rewards in the Members Area. In the Members Area you can also monitor your balance of XMP at any time, including the equivalent value of your XMP as credit bonus. The bonus adds funds to your trading account but it is intended for trading purposes only. Below you can see the specific formulas used to calculate the equivalent value of your XMP to credit bonus.

Bonus = XMP ÷ 3

XM Points can be redeemed as credit bonus to be used for trading. You are free to redeem your XM Points at any time without restriction. You can either redeem all of your XM Points, or even just some of them. Your XMP balance can be monitored in real time in the Members Area, where you can also view the current equivalent value as credit bonus.

Imagine, for example, that you have a current balance of 10,000 XM Points. You decide to redeem 3,000 XMP as a credit bonus. By using the convenient Credit Bonus Redeem tool in the Members Area, the amount will be automatically converted to give you 1,000 USD as a credit bonus, and leaving you with a new available balance of 7,000 XM Points to be redeemed later.

Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus.

The examples in the table below show you how the Trading Bonus is proportionally removed from your trading account when you make a withdrawal.

XM Loyalty Rewards

Read the full Terms and Conditions here

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