Weltrade Spinner

13 May 2019 Forex Brokers PromotionsWeltradeWeltrade Promotions

Weltrade Spinner

Spins for deposit – You get free spins after each deposit.

$30 – free 1 spin.

$60 – free 2 spin.

$90 – free 3 spin.

$120 – free 4 spin.

$150 – free 5 spin.

You can get up to $1,000 instant bonus for trade and also up to 10 free spins when spinning the wheel.

Get Bonus – Weltrade Spinner :

1.) Deposit an account and get spins.

2.) Spin the wheel and win bonuses.

3.) Add bonuses to a trading account and trade with an increased deposit.

You get 1 spin for every $30 of your deposit. Thus, you get 10 spins for deposit of $300 accordingly.

Weltrade Spinner conditions :

1. General rules

1.1) The Promotion is available for all account types.

1.2) The prize is determined randomly when the Client spins the wheel in the personal area. The prizes are fixed bonuses on a trading account and additional spins.

1.3) A fixed bonus is credited on a trading account and is not available for withdrawal but it is used as free margin and supports margin level during a drawdown.

2. Spins and bonuses accrual terms

2.1) When replenishing a trading account with personal funds via any payment system available for 30 or more USD/EUR in one payment, the Client gets 1 wheel spin for each 30 USD/EUR.

2.2) When the wheel is spined, 1 spin is deducted from the Client’s balance and one of prizes depicted on the wheel is determined randomly.

2.3) When a type and amount of the prize is determined, the prize is credited instantly. The fixed bonus is credited on a trading account, additional spins are credited on spins balance in the Spins field on the promotion webpage.

2.4) Spins are accumulated on the difference between deposit and withdrawal.

3. Spins and bonuses write-off terms

3.1) Transfer or withdrawal of funds from a trading account causes all bonuses and spins write-off.

4. Other conditions

4.1) All Clients registered within the Company can take part in the Promotion.

4.2) The Company reserves the right to change the Promotion terms, amounts and types of prizes, and to stop the Promotion in any time.

4.3) The Company reserves the right to write-off bonuses and/or profits earned with bonus funds without prior notification and explaining the reasons.

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