Weltrade Rebate : Rebate rate 95% of our IB commissions (Full Table)

Our Weltrade Partner Level : Professional

Our Rebate Setting : 95%

Note : All Rebates are calculated and paid by Weltrade system.

**** For Likerebateforex members only ****

Last Update : October 3, 2022

Account Type : Micro and Premium
InstrumentSpreadPointsМТРRebate 95% (per lot)
Gold41.00 pips23.08 pips200.00 pips21.92 USD
XAUUSD41.00 pips23.08 pips200.00 pips21.92 USD
XAGUSD3.00 pips0.51 pips10.00 pips24.22 USD
AUDCAD4.10 pips1.87 pips20.00 pips14.20 USD
AUDCHF4.30 pips1.61 pips25.00 pips16.58 USD
AUDJPY4.30 pips1.92 pips15.00 pips14.99 USD
AUDNZD3.80 pips1.84 pips30.00 pips12.12 USD
AUDUSD2.60 pips1.50 pips5.00 pips14.25 USD
CADCHF5.10 pips1.61 pips40.00 pips16.58 USD
CADJPY4.30 pips1.92 pips15.00 pips14.99 USD
CHFJPY2.50 pips1.37 pips25.00 pips10.69 USD
EURAUD4.10 pips1.93 pips25.00 pips13.72 USD
EURCAD3.90 pips2.16 pips20.00 pips16.40 USD
EURCHF2.10 pips1.41 pips8.00 pips14.52 USD
EURDKK26.90 pips8.28 pips120.00 pips11.70 USD
EURGBP2.40 pips0.95 pips10.00 pips11.85 USD
EURHUF62.30 pips31.02 pips100.00 pips88.78 USD
EURJPY2.40 pips1.50 pips10.00 pips11.70 USD
EURMXN44.10 pips26.46 pips300.00 pips12.66 USD
EURNOK41.10 pips13.92 pips105.00 pips15.09 USD
EURNZD7.30 pips2.61 pips30.00 pips17.19 USD
EURRUB605.10 pips194.09 pips1.700.00 pips18.10 USD
EURSEK164.70 pips19.38 pips150.00 pips19.64 USD
EURUSD1.50 pips1.20 pips5.00 pips11.40 USD
GBPAUD6.70 pips2.52 pips30.00 pips17.91 USD
GBPCAD5.30 pips2.44 pips30.00 pips18.53 USD
GBPCHF3.90 pips1.61 pips25.00 pips16.58 USD
GBPJPY3.90 pips2.28 pips15.00 pips17.79 USD
GBPNZD5.70 pips3.07 pips75.00 pips20.22 USD
GBPSGD16.60 pips3.91 pips45.00 pips27.43 USD
GBPUSD2.10 pips1.68 pips5.00 pips15.96 USD
NZDCAD5.60 pips2.16 pips25.00 pips16.40 USD
NZDCHF3.90 pips1.40 pips45.00 pips14.42 USD
NZDJPY1.70 pips1.02 pips23.00 pips7.96 USD
NZDSGD16.50 pips3.91 pips45.00 pips27.43 USD
NZDUSD3.30 pips1.62 pips7.00 pips15.39 USD
USDCAD2.40 pips1.58 pips5.00 pips12.00 USD
USDCHF2.30 pips1.51 pips5.00 pips15.55 USD
USDCNH14.10 pips7.95 pips37.00 pips11.88 USD
USDDKK44.30 pips10.54 pips120.00 pips14.90 USD
USDHKD20.70 pips7.40 pips30.00 pips8.97 USD
USDHUF51.10 pips5.58 pips130.00 pips15.97 USD
USDJPY1.60 pips1.28 pips5.00 pips9.99 USD
USDMXN30.10 pips18.06 pips300.00 pips8.64 USD
USDNOK37.40 pips13.93 pips105.00 pips15.11 USD
USDRUB539.10 pips136.59 pips1.000.00 pips12.74 USD
USDSEK37.60 pips13.57 pips120.00 pips13.75 USD
USDSGD4.30 pips1.88 pips30.00 pips13.19 USD
USDTRY33.50 pips3.29 pips40.00 pips2.12 USD
USDZAR126.10 pips49.62 pips375.00 pips32.28 USD
XBRUSD10.70 pips6.00 pips20.00 pips5.70 USD
XPDUSD649.00 pips34.62 pips1.200.00 pips32.88 USD
XPTUSD286.00 pips34.62 pips1.200.00 pips32.88 USD
XTIUSD7.00 pips4.80 pips20.00 pips4.56 USD
InstrumentAccount trade turnover, USDMTPRebate 95% (per lot)
Stocks100,000x2 spread of contract specification12.68 USD
Account Type : Pro
InstrumentSpreadPointsRebate 95% (per lot)
Gold9.00 pips3.33 pips3.16 USD
XAUUSD9.00 pips3.33 pips3.16 USD
XAGUSD1.40 pips0.07 pips3.32 USD
AUDCAD0.70 pips0.40 pips3.04 USD
AUDCHF0.70 pips0.33 pips3.4 USD
AUDJPY0.70 pips0.40 pips3.12 USD
AUDNZD0.60 pips0.33 pips2.17 USD
AUDUSD0.60 pips0.30 pips2.85 USD
CADCHF1.10 pips0.33 pips3.40 USD
CADJPY0.90 pips0.33 pips2.57 USD
CHFJPY0.90 pips0.33 pips2.57 USD
EURAUD0.70 pips0.33 pips2.34 USD
EURCAD0.70 pips0.33 pips2.50 USD
EURCHF0.70 pips0.33 pips3.40 USD
EURGBP0.60 pips0.30 pips3.74 USD
EURJPY0.60 pips0.27 pips2.10 USD
EURMXN40.10 pips13.00 pips6.22 USD
EURNZD1.50 pips0.33 pips2.17 USD
EURRUB405.10 pips9.52 pips0.88 USD
EURUSD0.50 pips0.24 pips2.28 USD
GBPAUD0.70 pips0.27 pips1.91 USD
GBPCAD0.70 pips0.27 pips2.05 USD
GBPCHF0.70 pips0.33 pips3.40 USD
GBPJPY0.70 pips0.33 pips2.57 USD
GBPNZD0.70 pips0.33 pips2.17 USD
GBPUSD0.50 pips0.33 pips3.16 USD
NZDCAD1.00 pips0.33 pips2.50 USD
NZDCHF1.10 pips0.33 pips3.40 USD
NZDJPY0.90 pips0.27 pips2.10 USD
NZDUSD0.70 pips0.27 pips2.56 USD
USDCAD0.60 pips0.27 pips2.05 USD
USDCHF0.70 pips0.33 pips3.40 USD
USDCNH6.50 pips1.60 pips2.39 USD
USDHKD14.30 pips0.33 pips0.39 USD
USDJPY0.60 pips0.24 pips1.87 USD
USDMXN26.10 pips13.00 pips6.22 USD
USDNOK15.20 pips0.10 pips0.10 USD
USDRUB339.10 pips9.52 pips0.88 USD
USDSGD0.90 pips0.27 pips1.89 USD
USDTRY7.90 pips0.13 pips0.08 USD
XBRUSD6.70 pips1.35 pips1.28 USD
XPDUSD549.00 pips10.83 pips10.28 USD
XPTUSD186.00 pips13.33 pips12.66 USD
XTIUSD5.20 pips1.35 pips1.28 USD
InstrumentAccount trade turnover, USDMTPRebate 95% (per lot)
Stocks100,000x2 spread of contract specification12.68 USD
Account Type : Zulutrade
InstrumentSpreadPointsМТРRebate 95% (per lot)
Gold50.00 pips20.00 pips200.00 pips19.00 USD
XAUUSD50.00 pips20.00 pips200.00 pips19.00 USD
XAGUSD4.00 pips1.00 pips10.00 pips47.50 USD
AUDCAD5.90 pips2.00 pips20.00 pips15.19 USD
AUDCHF5.90 pips2.00 pips25.00 pips20.59 USD
AUDJPY5.90 pips2.00 pips15.00 pips15.60 USD
AUDNZD5.90 pips2.75 pips30.00 pips18.11 USD
AUDUSD3.90 pips1.00 pips5.00 pips9.50 USD
CADCHF6.90 pips2.50 pips40.00 pips25.75 USD
CADJPY5.90 pips2.00 pips15.00 pips15.60 USD
CHFJPY3.90 pips1.50 pips25.00 pips11.70 USD
EURAUD5.90 pips2.00 pips25.00 pips14.22 USD
EURCAD5.90 pips2.25 pips20.00 pips17.09 USD
EURCHF3.90 pips1.00 pips8.00 pips10.29 USD
EURDKK21.00 pips5.25 pips120.00 pips7.42 USD
EURGBP3.90 pips1.00 pips10.00 pips12.48 USD
EURHUF71.00 pips17.75 pips100.00 pips50.80 USD
EURJPY3.90 pips1.00 pips10.00 pips7.80 USD
EURMXN100.00 pips35.00 pips300.00 pips16.74 USD
EURNOK51.00 pips12.75 pips105.00 pips13.83 USD
EURNZD8.90 pips3.75 pips30.00 pips24.71 USD
EURRUB400.00 pips194.09 pips1.700.00 pips18.10 USD
EURSEK161.00 pips40.25 pips150.00 pips40.80 USD
EURUSD2.90 pips0.75 pips5.00 pips7.12 USD
GBPAUD8.90 pips3.25 pips30.00 pips23.11 USD
GBPCAD7.90 pips3.25 pips30.00 pips24.69 USD
GBPCHF5.90 pips2.00 pips25.00 pips20.59 USD
GBPJPY5.90 pips2.00 pips15.00 pips15.60 USD
GBPNZD8.90 pips4.25 pips75.00 pips28.00 USD
GBPSGD21.00 pips5.25 pips45.00 pips36.84 USD
GBPUSD2.90 pips1.00 pips5.00 pips9.50 USD
NZDCAD8.90 pips2.25 pips25.00 pips17.09 USD
NZDCHF6.90 pips2.25 pips45.00 pips23.18 USD
NZDJPY4.90 pips2.25 pips23.00 pips17.56 USD
NZDSGD21.00 pips5.25 pips45.00 pips36.84 USD
NZDUSD4.90 pips1.25 pips7.00 pips11.87 USD
USDCAD3.90 pips1.00 pips5.00 pips7.60 USD
USDCHF3.90 pips1.00 pips5.00 pips10.29 USD
USDCNH15.00 pips7.95 pips37.00 pips11.88 USD
USDDKK41.00 pips10.25 pips120.00 pips14.49 USD
USDHKD10.90 pips5.00 pips30.00 pips6.06 USD
USDHUF61.00 pips15.25 pips130.00 pips43.65 USD
USDJPY2.90 pips0.75 pips5.00 pips5.85 USD
USDMXN100.00 pips35.00 pips300.00 pips16.74 USD
USDNOK51.00 pips12.75 pips105.00 pips13.83 USD
USDRUB300.00 pips136.59 pips1.000.00 pips12.74 USD
USDSEK51.00 pips12.75 pips120.00 pips12.92 USD
USDSGD5.90 pips2.75 pips30.00 pips19.29 USD
USDTRY30.00 pips3.29 pips40.00 pips2.12 USD
USDZAR150.00 pips62.75 pips375.00 pips40.83 USD
XBRUSD8.00 pips6.00 pips20.00 pips5.70 USD
XPTUSD500.00 pips34.62 pips1.200.00 pips32.88 USD
XTIUSD8.00 pips4.80 pips20.00 pips4.56 USD
Account Type : Digital
InstrumentAccount trade turnover, USDMTPRebate 95% (per lot)
Crypto100,000x2 spread of contract specification12.68 USD

Note : Weltrade rebate conditions :
1. The difference between the opening and closing price must not less than the MTP value of the corresponding instrument.
2. Duration must not less than 2 minutes.
3. Minimum deposit must not less than $25 USD.
4. No trade with bonuses.