Weltrade Bonus 100%

16 February 2021 Forex Brokers PromotionsWeltradeWeltrade Promotions

Weltrade Bonus 100%

Weltrade Bonus 100% (Double your deposit and earn more!)

MT5 accounts – Open and deposit your MT5 trading account.

Free margin increase – Open higher volume positions.

Writing-off bonuses – When your equity drops to the level of the credit bonus, an automatic closing of all open trades takes place.

Get bonus 100%

1.) Open an account : Sign up on our website and open a trading account.

2.) Make a deposit : Deposit at least 200 USD/EUR to your trading account using any payment system you like and get up to 10 000 USD/EUR in a trading account.

3.) Double your deposit with a 100% bonus : Automatically get your free 100% bonus on the deposit amount.


Trade more and double your profit with a 100% bonus.

Weltrade Bonus 100%% Example 1 Weltrade Bonus 100% Example 2

Note: A credit bonus of $1 000 will be shown in the “Credit” field. If the loss in your account equals to $1 000, the credit bonus will be automatically withdrawn and all open trades will be closed. The balance and funds in your trading account will equal 0. Trading accounts participating in the promotion are MT5 Micro, MT5 Premium, MT5 Digital. The credit bonus is written-off when an actual Stop Out level is reached.

Bonus 100% Promotion Conditions

1. The credit bonus is credited to MT5 Micro, MT5 Premium, MT5 Digital trading accounts only.

2. The credit bonus is provided after a direct deposit of a trading account as well as after funds transfer from Safe or another trading account.

3. If during the promotion period the Client makes a withdrawal and then deposits any of his MT5 Micro, MT5 Premium, MT5 Digital trading accounts, the credit bonus is credited for the difference between deposit and withdrawal.

4. If the Client makes a withdrawal of funds, the credit bonus funds (if any) are debited from this trading account in proportion to the withdrawn funds. The proportion is 1: 1 and may be changed in the future. This condition applies to the total amount of credit bonus funds on the trading account. In this case the balance bonus is debited first, then the credit bonus.

5. Funds transfer between trading accounts MT5 Micro, MT5 Premium, MT5 Digital equals to withdrawal and deposit of trading account, respectively, the credit bonus is proportionally debited from one trading account and credited to another.

6. The Company reserves the right to refuse to accrue a credit bonus without explaining the reasons of the refusal.

7. The Company reserves the right to cancel previously accrued credit bonus.

8. The Company reserves the right to request additional identification information from the Client.

9. The maximum current amount of the credit bonus on each trading account of the Client cannot exceed 10 000 USD or the equivalent in another currency of the trading account.

10. This offer cannot be combined with other bonuses, promotions, and incentive programs offered by the Company.

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