[Review] Exness Trading Account Types (Pros – Cons)

1 April 2019 ExnessPros - ConsReview

[Review] Exness Trading Account Types (Pros - Cons)

Exness Trading Account Types (Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, ECN, Demo)

One of the first important decisions you need to make when becoming a trader—after choosing the right broker—is choosing the right type of trading account. It can be likened to buying a new car. If you need something that’s cost-effective and easy to use, then a Hummer is probably not the best choice. A learner in a Ferrari will likely crash in the first week, whereas starting conservatively with guidance from a professional can lead to a lifetime of opportunities.

Likewise, starting your trading career with the right type of account can make the first few weeks and months a much better learning experience. With support on hand to coach you on how to use the trading platforms and generally answer your questions, trading can quickly become an enjoyable and lasting financial opportunity… with the right account. Take a look at the trading accounts below and see which one fits your experience and financial goals.

Exness Account Type : Standard Cent

If you’re thinking about trading as a hobby, or just want to start low and slow, the Standard Cent trading account is definitely worth considering. Depending on where you live, you can open a Standard Cent account for as little as $1. Subsequently, you can feel the thrill of the win and the challenge of avoiding losses, but most of all, you will learn a lot, very quickly.


Small initial investment (Minimum Deposit : $1 USD)

Unlimited leverage available (Maximum Leverage 1:Unlimited)

Zero trading commissions

Smaller lot size

0% hedging margin

No demo account available

Only instant execution

No bonus

Limited to 5 account currencies

Exness Account Type : Standard

By far one of the most popular accounts in Exness, and for good reason. This Standard trading account is also a very budget-friendly option that can be opened with just $1—depending on your location. As a result, the Standard account is ideal for beginners who wish to start trading part-time and then build up their trading experience before raising the bar and setting more significant profit goals.


Small initial investment (Minimum Deposit : $1 USD)

Unlimited leverage available (Maximum Leverage 1:Unlimited)

Zero trading commissions

Bonus available

0% hedging margin

Limitations on the maximum volume and positions

Limitations on the number of pending orders

Exness Account Type : Pro

The Pro trading account is for traders who already know what they are doing. The trading conditions are set for maximizing the trader’s profit potential. This is made possible because of some of the lowest spreads around. Traders using the Pro account can also enjoy unlimited leverage—if they prove they have the knowledge and understanding to use it wisely.


Ability to use unlimited leverage

No trading commission

Low spreads from just 0.1

No limitations on the number of trading orders

0% hedging margin

Large initial investment (Minimum Deposit $1,000)

No bonus

Exness Account Type : ECN

The ECN trading account is somewhat different from the other three. Traders using an ECN account usually have solid experience trading the volatile side of the forex market and make larger investments with higher profit targets in mind. ECN traders generally look to make significant results through consistent trading. There are several advantages to an ECN account.


Zero spreads

Account and trading anonymity

No requotes

Setting pending orders within the spread

Larger initial deposit

Leverage capped at 1:200

Commissions on trades

100% margin when offsetting positions

No bonus

Exness Account Type : Demo

If you’re completely new to forex, then the very best trading account for you is probably the demo account. With Exness, the demo account is available immediately after you complete the short registration process. A demo account allows you to:

– Get familiar with the trading software
– Try trading risk-free
– Practice money management
– Test trading strategies

There are no notable cons to the demo account. It’s free to access, offers risk-free trading, and it accelerates the learning curve significantly. Just a few days of practical experience using the demo account can give your trading career an amazing headstart, and FX News highly recommends you try it while your market access application is being processed.

Remember, trading is similar to any new business or career advance in that it requires some time to research and practice. Indeed, just like sports, you must first pass the newbie stage before you can ‘go for gold’, so be patient, trade cautiously, and keep your financial goals realistic.

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