Justforex Welcome Bonus $30 (Free!) – For Latin America

18 October 2021 Forex Brokers PromotionsJustforexJustmarkets Promotions

Justforex Welcome Bonus $30 (Free!) - For Latin America

Justforex Welcome Bonus $30

– For All New Clients from Latin America!

– No Deposit Required

Just 3 Simple Steps to Get the Bonus:

1. Register in the Back Office

2. Open a Welcome Account

3. Start Trading!

“$30 Welcome Bonus For Latin America” Promotion Conditions

1.) Welcome Bonus is available to users of a special account type called “Welcome.”

2.) The Bonus is available for Latin American countries only.

3.) Existing clients cannot open a Welcome account.

4.) A client can open no more than one Welcome account and get the Welcome Bonus in the amount of $30 only once.

5.) To get the Welcome Bonus, the trader needs to register in the Back Office and open a Welcome account. The bonus funds will be credited to the account automatically. Please note, that opening the Welcome account requires verification of the current telephone number.

6.) The following trading terms are applied:
– Trading instruments: FX currency pairs and metals.
– Account currency: USD.
– The maximum order volume per one position: 0.01 lot.
– The maximum number of positions opened (including pending orders) at the same time: not more than 5.
– Robots (Expert Advisors): not allowed.

7.) Welcome account is swap-free for Muslims only.

8.) A client must trade at least 5 lots within a period of 30 days to transfer the profit.

9.) The profit or loss of transaction must be no lower than 6 points (60 pips) in order to be counted in the amount of the traded volume.

10.) Profit from the Welcome account must be withdrawn within 30 days. After a 30-day period, the bonus expires.

11.) No partner commission is credited for trading on the Welcome account.

12.) No deposits or internal transfers can be made to the Welcome account.

13.) You have 30 days to open a Welcome Bonus account within the bonus period from the moment of registration.

14.) The Welcome account is available for trading within 30 days from the day of opening. After 30 days, trading will be disabled, but the Welcome account will still be accessible for transferring the earned profit.

15.) In order to make an internal transfer of profit from the Welcome account to any live account, the client has to deposit at least $100 (or equivalent in other currencies) to this live account. The deposit can be made in a single payment or in parts (e.g. $50 + $20 + $30). Please note that the amount has to be deposited after the bonus trading terms are fulfilled.

16.) The profit sum available for withdrawal is $30. The profit can be transferred after all bonus conditions are fulfilled. The transfer is made from the Welcome account to any live trading account where at least $100 or equivalent was deposited.

17.) Each client can make only 1 (one) request to transfer profit from the Welcome account to any live trading account.

18.) Profit transfer will be processed within 2 hours during the operating hours of the Finance Department. The maximum processing time is 24 hours.

19.) Once the transfer of profit is completed, the Welcome account will be disabled, and no further trading will be possible. The bonus will be canceled in full size, and the account balance will be set to zero.

20.) In case of a match of IP address or personal data, or other signs that accounts belong to the same person, such accounts can be blocked, and/or bonuses and profits can be canceled.

21.) The offer is valid from 2021.05.17 till 2021.10.31 but can be canceled or extended at any time.

22.) Justforex reserves the right to change the terms of this campaign without preliminary notice.

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