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FBS vps server free

FBS Service Details – VPS Server Free!

VPS Server – Take your trading to a whole new level with a VPS-server!

Category : Service for traders

Service provision period : Unlimited

Cost : Free of charge in case of conditions fulfillment

Conditions : Make a deposit and trade the specified number of lots

Get a VPS-server for free, set up expert advisors and make them work for your benefit 24 hours a day, even if you’re offline!

Convenience, speed and reliability for those who strive to make solid profit.

24/7 operation, including offline mode.

Protection from power and connection interruptions.

Fast and stable connection to the trading platform.

Possibility to install any expert advisors.

Conditions for a VPS-server granting

1.) To get a dedicated VPS-server, the following conditions should be met :

– starting from November 9, 2016, make a one-time deposit of at least $450.
– request the service by clicking the “Set up a server” button in your Personal area.

2.) The service is free of charge during the first month of use.

3.) Starting from the second month, the service will remain free provided that at least 3 lots have been traded by the client within the previous month (1 lot on a “Cent” account = 0.01 standard lot).

4.) Trading instrument BTCUSD does not take part in promotion.

5.) ECN Account lots are not accepted.

6.) In case during the previous month fewer than 3 lots have been traded, the $33 fee for the next month is deducted from the account specified by the client during the server setup. If no funds are available on the client’s accounts and the trading volume condition is not fulfilled, the service is disabled.

Example : a client makes a 450$ deposit and sets up a VPS-server on November 9, 2016. Within the period from November 9, 2016, to December 9, 2016, the service is provided free of charge. To get the service free for the period from December 9, 2016, to January 9, 2017, it is necessary to trade at least 3 lots between November 9, 2016, and December 9, 2016, inclusive. In case the client trades fewer than 3 lots within the period from November 9, 2016, to December 9, 2016, the $33 fee will be deducted from the specified account on December 10, 2016.

7.) The client can cancel the service anytime by clicking the “Cancel server” button on the service page in the Personal area. In case of the service cancellation, the service fee for the remainder of the month is not recalculated.

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