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FBS Lucky T-Shirts

FBS Lucky T-Shirts – Trade to get a unique T-Shirt from FBS

Lucky T-Shirts is a limited FBS collection carefully designed by our talented team.
We cherish our traders and want you to feel special. That’s why we launch the T-Shirts promo!
Participate and win one of the FBS branded T-Shirts with a fantastic unique design. Trade and get your Lucky T-Shirt now.

Check the Lucky Prints

There are several T-Shirt prints available for winners to choose. Take a look at these cool designs! T-shirt photo

FBS Lucky T-Shirts Prints

How to Get your Lucky T-Shirt?

1. Press the ‘Join promo’ button in your personal area

2. Deposit $500+ at once

3. Trade 2 lots

4. Choose the coolest T-Shirt from the collection

“Lucky T-Shirt” Promotion Conditions

1.) To join, press the ‘Join promo’ button in your personal area web or mobile.

2.) To be rated in the contest, deposit $500+ at once and trade 2 standard lots.

3.) Once you are rated in the contest, the additional section with T-Shirts will appear in your personal area.

4.) You can select one from 5 designs of the T-Shirt. Choose the desired size. Once the T-Shirt is selected, all you need to do is fill in the address where your prize will be delivered and wait for the package to arrive.

5.) FBS reserves the right to:
– Settle all the arguments. The decisions taken are final and not subject to revision.
– Use the information related to your account for promotional purposes and publish it.
– Change Terms and Conditions.
– Disqualify you from the contest due to non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions or suspicion in using ill practices for winning.
– Finish the contest anytime per the company’s unilateral provisions.

6.) FBS is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services that can affect the client’s participation in the promo.


1.) The promo is going global for all the FBS countries. FBS reserves the right to change the list of countries at any time during the contest. In such a case, if you select the country that is not in the promo list as your country in your personal area, you won’t be able to participate in the Lucky T-shirt promo. If you have already joined it before the country change, you’ll be disqualified.

2.) If disqualified, you cannot participate once again.

3.) One trader can participate in the contest only once.

4.) 1 lot for Cent account is considered as 0.01 for the Standard account.

5.) For Crypto account the number of lots is calculated by the following formula: lots = close price * volume / 100000.

6.) For such trading instruments as Stocks traded lots are accounted for at a ratio of 10:1 of standard lots – order conversion is performed automatically on the replicator (1 lot traded on the Stocks instrument is equal to 0.1 standard lot).

7.) The number of T-Shirts is limited. Some designs or sizes can be out of store and unavailable.

8.) Please, notice that FBS is not responsible for the operation of delivery services and their speed.

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