Exness : Rebate rate 90% of our commissions (Full Table)

Last Update : February 7, 2020

Account Type : Standard Plus
Instrument GroupRebate (USD per lot)
Exotics (Most Liquid)$12.49
Exotics (Less Liquid – USD, EUR crosses)$49.95
Exotics (Less Liquid – not USD, EUR crosses)$31.22
Metals (Gold)$12.49
Metals (Except Gold)$62.44
Crypto (BTC)$4.99
Crypto (ETH)$0.74
Crypto (BCH)$1.25
Crypto (LTC)$0.37
Indices (US500, AUS200)$0.62
Indices (HK50, FR40)$1.25
Indices (USTEC, UK100)$0.93
Indices (DE30)$2.50
Indices (US30)$3.74
Energy (USOil)$12.49
Stocks$7.49 – $112.39
Stock (GOOGL) – Google$112.39
Stock (AMZN) – Amazon$74.92
Stock (MA) – Mastercard$18.72
Stock (FB) – Facebook$8.73
Stock (AAPL) – Apple$8.73
Stock (BAC) – Bank of America$7.49
Stock (CSCO) – Cisco$7.49
Account Type : Zero & Raw Spread
Instrument GroupRebate (USD per lot)
Exotics (Most Liquid)$1.66
Exotics (Less Liquid – USD, EUR crosses)$4.16
Exotics (Less Liquid – not USD, EUR crosses)$16.65
Metals (Gold)$2.70
Metals (Silver)$8.32
Metals (Except Gold, Silver)$16.65
Crypto (BTC)$1.25
Crypto (ETH, BCH)$0.20
Crypto (LTC)$0.08
Indices (HK50, US500, AUS200)$0.09
Indices (USTEC, UK100, FR40)$0.20
Indices (DE30)$0.41
Indices (US30)$0.83
Energy (USOil)$3.33
Stocks$0.99 – $14.98
Stock (GOOGL) – Google$14.98